Building Social media backlinks for boosting SEO (Top 1)

Building Social media backlinks is a very useful tool for boosting SEO & improving the ranking of websites. They increase the amount of audience that reaches the website.

There is still a debate going on that whether social media platforms can boost the SEO of a website/blog or not? Even now, there are some people who don't believe that it impacts Google rankings, but most experts disagree with them.

Mostly, SEO experts know that building social media backlinks help in boosting your SEO, but both the content and your links must be high in quality in order to achieve that.

Creating social media backlinks is an amazing way to build more backlinks to your website/blog.

Websites can be accessed by clicking on the links that are mentioned in the social platforms' news feeds or personal profiles. Today we are sharing some tips for building social media backlinks below:

1. Social Media profiles & sharing your website content:

First, start with the basics. Adding your website link to your social media profile is the number one way to get links and the most basic tool for getting backlinks. Secondly, share your website content on your profile and news feed.

Your profile on every platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. should be updated with your website link. Make sure that the visitors to your profile can redirect to your website with one click.


Getting Social Media backlinks from Facebook:

Facebook is the most popular social media platform used by approximately 2.89 billion people around the globe.

According to Statista as of 2021, a person spends 33 minutes on Facebook on average. Look at the amount of exposure you can get for your content just from Facebook.

For example, on Facebook, you can also place your website link in:

  •  Your Profile; under your About me tab, in your contact info
  •  You can include it in anything you post including images and videos
  •  Group's pinned posts


Getting social media backlinks from Twitter:

  • Add your website link when you're setting up your account so that it appears as a clickable link on your Twitter profile
  • Insert your webpage link in your 160 characters bio so that it appears in search results
  • Place your webpage link on your photos and videos 


You can also use platforms like Reddit, Quora, Blogger, Blogspot to promote your web content across niche-specific platforms.


2. Getting Customer Reviews:

Getting good customer reviews also helps you rank high in search engines. Better ranking means your social media profiles will also rank up, resulting in more people reaching your website content.

You can gather customer reviews by:

  • Offering customers, a special discount code on their next purchase
  • Arranging a gift voucher on each review
  • Post on social media platforms about rewarding your customers who submit reviews
  • Handling negative response/reviews effectively


3. Creating Social media content & using Infographics:

You can get a lot of traffic to your webpage by not only sharing your content but also creating new content, especially for your social media platforms.

You can create social media content by:

  • Holding webinars 
  • Creating podcasts
  • Making video tutorials

Whenever you create and share content like this, you should be linking it to your webpage to build backlinks, Moreover, when people share such content, it will also build links to your webpage.

Using Infographics:

Infographics are one of the most shared contents on social media platforms. Because they are super easy to grasp and a quick way to go through something instead of reading a 2000 words article. You can get a lot of backlinks from Pinterest by sharing infographics.

4. Holding Contests and organizing events:

Holding contests on Facebook and Instagram and organizing live events is also a great way to build social links. 

This not only grabs people's attention for attending an exciting event, but they also want to share such events with their friends. Also, you can get shares by making it a part of the contest.

You can also sponsor events if you don't want to host on your own.


5. Mentioning Influencers or Bloggers:

 Mentioning influencers or famous bloggers on your social media platforms also boosts your page rankings. As influencers have a lot of fan-following so mentioning them attracts their fans to your webpage.


Do you find these tips useful for creating social media backlinks? Please send us your feedback.


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